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- growth - energy - fire - 

.- growth - energy - fire -. 

i hope all are feeling the rich strength and rising spirit of the solstice. 
for some time there has been an expanding field of anticipation for what 
exactly is coming. and while i have no clear distinct idea, there is an 
undeniable power. i have reached an almost calming sense in knowing things 
feel correct in this moment. 

many times this universe will unveil a uniquely different sight than 
what i would expect, so with this i will wait and see - enjoy…

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6.20.22. - the world alive in digital. 


.the world alive in digital. 

here we are. Are we? 

an entry into THE WOR(L)D OF X. 

you may ask what that is, yes? 

if you have ventured to thedestructprinciple. website you will 
see a tab on the pages banner that leads to what is my journaling and updating, 
or was to be. the ideas and inspirations we have that disappear on the 
next shining flash of POP, it sits waiting for some free flow of thought and action. 

in short form, i haven't utilized it properly as i intended. 


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10.1.18 - How Time Flies....When You're Dead. 

''And As Things Fell Apart, Nobody Paid Much Attention.'' - (Nothing But) Flowers

To begin, what a perfect quote. Welcome.

Three years ago, to the very day - that post was made. Little did I know how much it would still ring true, if not even more clear, to me today. 

Three years. A miniscule amount of time when looked upon through a grand history, but many lifetimes in this day and age of immediate gratification, blink and you'll miss it fame, social media glorification - the list is endless and…

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TheDestructPrinciple. Sutāto. 

''And As Things Fell Apart, Nobody Paid Much Attention.'' - (Nothing But) Flowers

To begin, what a perfect quote. Welcome.

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Music of Curiosities at Coney Island USA presents - QVEEN OF ATLANTIS MUSIC FESTIVAL- Live on Stage in Coney Island Music Of Curiosities brings back live music in Coney Island. Up from the depths, live on stage at the legendary Coney Island USA, June 25th at 9PM, it's the QVEEN OF ATLANTIS MUSIC FESTIVAL, a screaming night of unapologetic, unhinged and uncensored goth/grunge/ industrial/ metal rock n' roll, featuring four great bands to blast in the start of summer. Come witness this seductive spectacle of sound headlined by the dark gothic industrial-metal of The Destruct Principle. Also, featuring the symphonic mix of goth, folk, doom and death of the amazing band Afterus. Starting the evening will be special opening sets by the dark and delicious Tryst and the surrealist performance art of Pnk Vlvt Wtch and Obsidian Absurd. And you can get yourself a special limited edition flash tattoo while you're watching the show from La Roots and Bubalu Tattoos, so when you wake up the next day you'll always remember what an incredible evening it was. Come on down, bring a friend, Music of Curiosities – Qveen of Atlantis Music Fest. $12 in advance $15 day of show. Shooting Gallery/Arts Annex 1214 Surf Avenue Coney Island USA requires that our guests be fully vaccinated. Proof of vaccination will be checked upon entering. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding. All ticket sales are non-refundable and WILL CALL only to be picked up night of performance, at our box office at 1208 Surf Avenue. TICKETS WILL NOT SHIP. There are no extra service fees for online purchase.

A High Spring, Dark Moon Evening.

(EDT, UTC-04) (EDT, UTC-04)

West York Inn, 1400 west market street, York PA

York, PA - On this night we Praise the Spirits at West York Inn.

Featuring: - TheDestructPrinciple.