10.1.18 - How Time Flies....When You're Dead.

''And As Things Fell Apart, Nobody Paid Much Attention.'' - (Nothing But) Flowers

To begin, what a perfect quote. Welcome.

Three years ago, to the very day - that post was made. Little did I know how much it would still ring true, if not even more clear, to me today. 

Three years. A miniscule amount of time when looked upon through a grand history, but many lifetimes in this day and age of immediate gratification, blink and you'll miss it fame, social media glorification - the list is endless and momentary. 

Within these years, much has changed, though it has also remained the same.

Consistent outcomes, different scenarios. 

What I have continued to learn every time - You Only Have Yourself in the End.

You are your Own God. Treat Yourself As Such. 

People will Disappoint. People Will Leave. People Will Forget. People Will Deceive.

People Will Cheat. People Will Steal. - This Cannot Be Stopped. Human Nature Exists as it Always Has.

You Must Rise. You Must Overcome.

- With That Being Stated, We Now Announce The Release of our Debut.

'The Malignant Hymn'. - Digital, Physical, and Limited Edition Pre-Orders Available.

At a Time When My Mind Was Broken, This Was My Therapy. 

I Hope It Serves You Well.

- theGOAT / Emperor Of Nothing / King of Chaos