6.20.22. - the world alive in digital.


.the world alive in digital. 

here we are. Are we? 

an entry into THE WOR(L)D OF X. 

you may ask what that is, yes? 

if you have ventured to thedestructprinciple. website you will 
see a tab on the pages banner that leads to what is my journaling and updating, 
or was to be. the ideas and inspirations we have that disappear on the 
next shining flash of POP, it sits waiting for some free flow of thought and action. 

in short form, i haven't utilized it properly as i intended. 

call it the force of nature, the habit of time defining actions, 
a bit too much gasoline on the fire, or just general malfunction. 

in an unexpected but not surprising turn of events, 
my personal facebook page was compromised. 
over the last 48 hours i had notifications of attempted logins from 
all areas of the world, password reset emails, the typical. 
unfortunately even having all of the suggested actions taken to 
"protect your account" through verifications and such,  
after two days of whatever code or program is attacking, 
it was successful.  
within 5 minutes over 30 illegal images had been shared from my profile  
(and my apologies if you were to glimpse any of them) 
resulting in facebook removing my page for a review and ultimately deletion.  
or so it seems. - if for any reason those who followed my personal page receive 
any type of contact from it, report and delete. 

to be clear, the profile being compromised isn't what i found surprising, 
we read about it every day. 
but the complete lack of support from this platform, facebook. 
i've heard of how unsupportive it is for users, but still impressive to witness when needed. 

but as you learn to do, we take a situation and find a positive aspect to it, something to move 
forward with and even be thankful for. 
in this, it has made me refocus back to the idea of thedestructprinciple. website as the main hub 
and source of my writings, updates, contact, etc. 

yes, i will still be on socials. we know it to be a necessary in this time.  
but the moments given to refocus and format attention are appreciated. 

in that, expect an increase in content from the official website both of my writings and more - as well 
as proper and timely updates. 

perhaps we'll even finally get a patreon in due time. 

to all, i hope as we pass the middle of this year you are in good health and prosperity. 

"put on a happy face." 


- A.x